Opening sequence project

This opening sequence project was made alternatively for a school project.


Video Motion Capture

I’ve been introduced to motion capture during my course study at Sheridan. In my course Interactive Multimedia, all the students had a chance to try and experiment with Ostrich. It’s a Flash action script 3 code developed by the developer and professor Dan Zen.
The experiment was exceptional, using just the given files and a computer with a webcam; we were able to manipulate the objects on the screen with gestures captured by the webcam. Ostrich offers a lot of options, and different ways to interact with the webcam. You can make objects or almost anything follow your motion. Set up regions where you can lead objects on the screen to reach or touch others. It can also turn into a cursor or cursors so you can interact with the webcam and the program.

I chose to try the fairy sample, which is or could be used with any background and hitting areas. Ostrich offered the sample where the fairy can fly following your motion on the webcam. Below is a snapshot of the original.


Fairy sample

I tried to add a hitting area on my sample and made it similar to a simple game. So the objective of my little game is to move the hang-glide from the middle of the screen to the far mountain. If the user touches the big mountain it fails.
As soon as you reach either side a message pops up saying if the mission succeeded or not.
The experience working with gesture and motion capture has been phenomenal. I soon as I acquire more experience working with Actionscript 3, I will be able to create a lot more features and interesting games.

First screen:



Second screen:


Hang-Glide second screen

Final screen:


Hang-Glide final sample


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